Rent Guarantee Service

There are no charges for becoming a landlord, no tenant introduction fees, no commissions and absolutely no “hidden extras” to pay. You simply receive guaranteed rental income 52 weeks of the year at 5-10% above the Local Housing Allowance rate (LHA) .

We manage the property, so it is vital that the tenants we select treat your property with respect. At check out, the tenant covers the cost of damage up to a value of 1.5 time the rent, so if things do get damaged, we take the financial hit.

When you become a landlord with Foster & Edwards, you can securely access all the relevant statements and history for your property 24 hours from anywhere in the world using our online Landlord Management Zone.

You will never be bothered with questions, requests or complaints from tenants they don’t even need to know your name. Becoming a landlord can now be hassle free.

*Key differences between a Letting Agency Service and Rent Guarantee Service*

  • No commission charge
  • No charges for finding a tenant.
  • No charge for marketing your property
  • No charge for managing your property
  • No charge for pursuing missed rent payments or court proceedings
  • No VAT to pay
  • Unlimited period of rent arrears paid
  • The rental income is guaranteed at 5-10% above the LHA rate
  • For more information call us or email